Hex Analysis

Free tool for analysis of hexadecimal codes. Can detect many file formats and encodings including: UTF-8, ASCII, images files, sound files, video files and zip files. Just paste your binary data into the textbox below and click Analyze.

Hexadecimal Analysis Tool

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Any other characters than hexadecimal digits (0-9, A-F or a-f) will be ignored.


Encoding Result
8-bit ASCII
8-bit ASCII (inv)

File format


  • Zeroes: %
  • Ones: %
  • Entropy:
  • Byte length:

If both zeroes and ones are close to 50%, this is probably encrypted using a modern cipher. See more about modern cipher at the code-breaking page.

For further statistical analysis, the frequency analysis tool is recommended. Ensure to enable "Keep spaces & non-letters".