Crossword Solver & Missing Letters Finder

Stuck with a crossword or puzzle? This free crossword solver helps you find those missing letters. Also includes advanced pattern search features to help you solve ciphers and cryptograms.

Note: Are you looking for a "words in a word" finder or a letters to words generator? Then try the word unscrambler.

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This crossword solver lets you search using advanced patterns and options.

  • The wildcard ? will match any letter
  • Lowercase letters will only match same letter
  • Uppercase letters act as substitutes (explained below)

Word Pattern Examples

These are example of full word matching. See Matching Alignment below for more options.

  • a?? will match add, air, ant, etc
  • aXX will match add, all, etc where the two last letters are the same
  • XYXY will match mama, papa, etc
  • ????? will match any 5 letter word

Substitutes explained

Substitutes work like a ? wildcard, but with some differences:

  • Substitutes are always uppercase letters. Any letter can be used. For example aXX and aYY will give the same results.
  • A substitute matches the same letter everywhere. For example XaX matches dad, but not sad.
  • Each substitute matches a unique letter. For example ABC matches age, but not aga.
  • Substitutes don't match letters that have already been written in lowercase. For example eAB will match elk, but not eel.
  • Substitutes can be freely mixed with ? wildcards. For example A??A matches area and lull.

Matching Alignment

Matching can be done for whole words or partial words.

Full Word Matching

Full word matching requires the whole word to match. For example a??? matches any word that begins with "a" and has 4 letters in total.

Anywhere Word Matching

Anywhere word matching searches for the pattern anywhere within the words. For example "the" matches aesthetic and brother.

Start Word Matching

Start word matching searches for the pattern at the beginning of words. For example "the" matches theorem and thesaurus.

End Word Matching

End word matching searches for the pattern at the end of words. For example "the" matches clothe and soothe.