Hexahue Decoder and Alphabet

Hexahue was invented by Josh Cramer. His goal was to create an unique alphabet with combination of colors that were easily distinguishable. Hexahue uses only common colors, like red, green, blue, that are simple to write in HTML notation. The Hexahue alphabet contains letters, numbers and punctuation.

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Hexahue code chart

Hexahue code chart
Hexahue alphabet


  • Consists of 9 easily distinguishable colors: red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, purple, black, gray and white.
  • Each symbol is written with a 2x3 grid of colors.
  • Letters are written with the colors red, green, blue, cyan, yellow and purple.
  • Numbers are written with black, white and gray.
  • Space can be written as either fully black of fully white.
  • Text is usually written from left to right.
  • Hexahue is a simple form of monoalphabetic substitution cipher.

Hexahue, and variants of it, are used occasionally in geocaching mystery caches (puzzle caches), CTFs and logic puzzles. Look specifically for the color combinations to recognize it.

Sample text

Hexahue sample text
Hexahue sample text

The image above represents the text "BOX".