Pigpen/masonic cipher - decoder, translator

Pigpen cipher is a monoalphabetic substitution cipher, where the letters are replaced by symbols. It is also known as masonic cipher, Freemason's ciper, Napoleon cipher and tic-tac-toe cipher. Variants of this cipher were historically used by the Rosicrucians brotherhood as well as the Freemasons. Because of the simplicity of the cipher, it is often included in children's books on secret writing.

Translate pigpen cipher

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Pigpen cipher system

The figure below illustrates how the symbols of this form of pigpen cipher are assigned. Different variants of the pigpen cipher exists where there can be more than one dot and the geometry can be different.

Pigpen cipher system
Pigpen/masonic cipher overview


  • Pigpen cipher is a simple form of monoalphabetic substitution cipher.
  • Other names for this cipher are masonic cipher, Freemason's ciper, Napoleon cipher and tic-tac-toe cipher.
  • It usually represents the English alphabet, but variants can represent any alphabet.
  • More information on different variants of pigpen ciphers can be found here.

Pigpen ciphers are frequently used in geocaching mystery caches (puzzle caches), CTFs and logic puzzles. Look specifically for the special gemometric shapes to recognize it.

Sample text

Pigpen cipher B Pigpen cipher O Pigpen cipher X
Pigpen cipher sample text

The images above represents the text "BOX".