Route Transposition Cipher

This tool helps you solve route transposition ciphers. Just enter your text and experiment with the column length and transposition type to search for solutions for your cipher.

To help you further, this tool also suggests probable column lengths. These lengths are calculated such that the resulting text will completely fill a rectangle. However, be aware that there are exceptions to this complete-rectangle-rule.

Are you unsure your cipher is a route transposition cipher? Try the cipher identifier, which can detect other types of transposition ciphers, including columnar transposition and railfence.

Route Transposition Tool




  • In a route cipher, the plaintext is written in a grid of a certain column length and read off in a predetermined pattern ("route").
  • The pattern acts as a key. For instance the key could be to read off in a spiral starting at a certain corner.
  • Badly chosen routes can lead to segments of visible plaintext (or reverse plaintext). Therefore the security depends on having a cleverly selected route.

Route ciphers, and variants, are occasionally used in CTFs, geocaching mystery caches, and logic puzzles.